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Inaqua GmbH is raising a minimum order from the 1st April 2018, you as a customer can profit of. Why this is so, will be explained here:

For all orders, incoming after 1st April 2018, exists a minimum order value in the amount of 100,00€ that means orders with a net value of goods less than 100,00€ get automatically raised up to 100,00€. We are convinced that we found an economic and fair solution.

Through transaction of orders there are administrative costs coming up. As usual in every economic business these costs have to be covered.

We could cover these costs by a higher price per unit. This would have the disadvantage for you that you pay the hidden amount in every unit several times if you order more than one product. That seems to be no a fair solution.

Costs could be also covered by higher shipping costs. But this would be disproportional to the value of goods.d

We accommodate with the minimum order value. That’s how our offered prices stay fair and the shipping costs proportional and transparent. As well you have the possibility of expanding your order to avoid the minimum order completely.

The minimum order offers advantages for both sides.

You reduce your waste disposal costs for packaging and filling material, purchasing costs as well as bank charges, save your financial resources and furthermore the environment.

We save time at acquisition of the order and its internal process up to dispatch of goods, creation of invoice and later at accounting of payment. This time can be used effective to fasten the process times and to deliver even faster and more reliable.

Minimum order value

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Inaqua GmbH is raising a minimum order from the 1st April 2018, you as a customer can profit of.

INAQUA awarded at AVISTA Global Distributor Meeting

We are proud to inform that during the Avista Global Distributor Meeting which took place at Miami end of July, INAQUA received an award as the oldest distribution partner of Avista® Technologies Inc. (since 1997).
This strong relationship has been on for almost 19 years.
INAQUA started business with Avista products even a couple of weeks before Avista was officially founded.
Besides sharing a good moment, this event provided lots of enriching informations about the water treatment market.
Avista® Technologies Inc. develops and distributes water treatment chemicals and provides expert process support for membrane systems including reverse osmosis (RO), microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF) and multimedia filtration (MMF) (e.g. Biocides, Antiscalants, Flocculants and Membrane Cleaners).
Udo Kolbe, as INAQUA representative, was present at the event. You will find below a picture of him,  together with Mike Jefferies (MD Avista EMEA) & Dave Walker (CEO Avista US)

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INAQUA awarded at AVISTA Global Distributor Meeting

Ravasol activated carbon for water treatment.

Ravasol activated carbon is used in several applications in water treatment. If its taste or smell removal or just for removing chlorine.
Ravasol activated carbon is offered as granular or powder. The basic substance is mainly mineral coal, coconut shells or wood.
Scope of application for Ravasol activated carbon is amongst others:

     Water treatment
     Process water treatment
     Waste water treatment
     Food and feed industry
     Beverages industry

Ravasol activated carbon is versatile usable and gives innovative possibilities for the treatment of natural resources.  

As direct importer of Activated Carbon with the REACH certificate, INAQUA, part of Ravago Chemicals, offer high quality Activated Carbon with competitive pricing.

More information and Product Data Sheet

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Ravasol activated carbon for water treatment


The Ravasol IRON-X is a reliable adsorbent based on Ferric Hydroxide for the removal of Arsenic (III + V) and heavy metals.  The media does not release any substances into the water.  The special production and drying process of the granular makes it a highly reactive, stable and long lasting media.  The advantage of Ravasol IRON-X over other Medias is the large adsorption surface.  This makes the media more effective than small surface Medias.  Competitors use fine particles to achieve effectiveness, our Ferric Hydroxide media is effective not because of fine particles, but the Nano sized and porous surface structure of the media.

Ravasol IRON-X is ideal for large applications with thousands of gallons used in a day.  Because the media is stable, it does not create clumps.  The media is not soluble in water.

The adsorbed arsenic is transformed according to the following formula:

Fe(OH)3 + H3AsO4 → FeAsO4 + 3H2O

This means that even after the disposal of old media, no arsenic can be released into the environment.  The product is economical and environmentally friendly.  Due to the high stability of the media, the flow rate reduction of the water is very small. 

RRavasol IRON-X is free for the use in drinking water.

Ravasol IRON-X

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ECOTAN BIO 100 – green fingers at INAQUA

The treatment of waste water in sewage treatment plants is a complex process. With our new product ECOTAN BIO 100 we offer a liquid and organic flocculant on a purely natural basis: the extract is obtained from the bark of black wood acacia. ECOTAN is effective at pH-values from 4.5 to 8 and is particularly easy to use. As a cationic organic polymer, ECOTAN has a strong flocculant effect.
INAQUA allows the purification of waste water with a natural product – ECOTAN BIO 100.

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Green fingers at INAQUA

The new Clack IA valve is bringing news and advantages for the user:

    •   1 potential-free contact
    •   2 communication cable connections for „No Hardwater“ or „Alternator“
    •   Display with blue backlight
    •   Deposit of contact number for service case
    •   5 languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Polish

The valve is available as 1“; 1,25“; 1,5“; 2“ and Twin.

More Productinformation

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The new Clack IA valve