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The control of liquid gases – INAQUA provides the technology

The degassing of liquids is an elementary component for the best product quality in many parts of industry and production. Consequently, the 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ membrane contactors have established themselves in the semiconductor and flat screen industry, for example, as well as in the beverage or pharmaceutical industry, in power plants, or in the oil and gas industry.
INAQUA GmbH is an official 3M™ partner and has all products in stock.
By the way, this also applies to the private sector: the degassing of printing inks can significantly increase the yield of, for example, inkjet printers. Degassed printing inks prevent quality defects and dropouts at the application nozzles.
In general, the 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors offer an efficient method of controlling and degassing dissolved gases in a compact design. The use of hollow-fibre diaphragm technology improves the operating efficiency and performance of production facilities around the world - and this leads directly to improved product quality.
As mentioned earlier, membrane contactors are used in a wide variety of industries around the world:
In the production processes of the pharmaceutical industry, for example, purified water with its conductivity of less than 1.3 µS/cm is always needed. The same applies to semiconductor and flat screen production, where ultra-pure water helps to achieve extremely low levels of oxygen and carbondioxide.
It is true for virtually all industries that the efficiency of electro-deionisation and ion exchange processes is maximised.
Even with steam power plants, costs, efficiency, and reliability in production must be guaranteed, and here, of course, high environmental requirements also apply. In addition, an uninterruptible power supply must be ensured in particular. Degassed water systems are important in power generation, and membrane contactors reduce downtimes enormously through their reliability and potency.
For plants with boiler water systems for steam production, the 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ membrane contactors are a cost-effective, efficient, and easy-to-use alternative.
Last but not least, the knowledge of membrane gas transfer technology is also becoming increasingly widespread in the oil and gas industry.
So it is clear that the use of 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors in the global industry is a success story that is gaining tremendous momentum.
Would you like to know more and perhaps discuss some very specific concerns?
You can rely on our experts to provide both advice and support!
As per usual, you can reach us at +49 2166 62199-0 or via
Contact us, we are at your service!
Your INAQUA team

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INAQUA GmbH is an official 3M™ partner.

Fortilife CR100 is a brackish water RO element. To be more precise it´s a spiral-wound element with polyamide thin-film composite membrane.

Fortilife CR100 is used to solve difficult water challenges. This includes wastewater reuse and minimal liquid discharge.

Fortilife CR100 is an element that that includes technology that has a providing organic fouling resistance. The product offers a reliable and durable membrane chemistry which can be cleaned easily and works on a low energy level. The element saves up to 10% of energy compared to conventional products.

Maximum operating temperature: 113°F (45°C)
Maximum operating pressure:    600 psig (41 bar)
Maximum element pressure drops: 15 psig (1.0 bar)
pH Range: 2 - 11 (continuous operation)
  1 – 13 (short-term cleaning 30 min.)
Maximum feed silt density index: SDI 5
Free chlorine tolerance:    <0,1 ppm

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Filmtec Fortilife CR100 Element

We do something for sustainability

For companies in the sales business it is not easy to offer sustainability through the whole process of the value chain. It doesn´t has to be everything all the time.
It´s enough to do little things.
Admittedly, transport and delivery are not very efficient now.
We make every effort to put new, innovative and sustainable products in our assortment.
A modification is finally the effect we are looking for at INAQUA.
Ecotan for example, is and biological flocculant and coagulant. It´s natural and a non-damaging product for the wastewater treatment.
A further problem are products that packed several times. This can be necessary, but is also often avoidable evil. The cause for much packaging waste is found in the shortage of alternatives in price and performance that are competitive to the used ones. The consumption must be reduced as well as it´s possible to decrease waste.
INAQUA works together with customer and supplier on the protection of the environment by new and optimized products. Be a part of it and contact us! 

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We do something for sustainability

Mixed bed resin on stock

INAQUA can supply regenerative mixed bed resin out of stock in Mönchengladbach.
For further information please contact us via telephone ( +49 2166/ 62199-0 ) or email ( ).

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Mixed bed resin on stock

NEW PolyCera®

Robust, easy to clean PolyCera membranes extend the range of ultrafiltration and nanofiltration performance beyond conventional ceramic and polymeric membranes.

PolyCera® is a new polymeric material, supplying ceramic like robustness with the flexibility of a polymeric membrane.
PolyCera membranes offer a unique combination of extreme hydrophilicity, permeability and robustness.
PolyCera membranes were developed to extend the range of polymeric membrane filtration to tackle the most challenging applications, delivering stable performance even under extreme pH, temperature, fouling and chemical conditions. This means low energy and high sustainable flux operation with extended membrane life, maximum system uptime, and minimal residual waste to manage.
PolyCera membranes are designed as spiral wound elements in configuration of 1,8“, 4“ and 8“. They are available as ultrafiltration (10 kDa, 70 kDa, 100 kDa, 250 kDa and 500 kDa) and nanofiltration (500 Da).
The use of feedspacer up to 120 mil offers a wide range of applications even with very high solids. The PolyCera elements are 100% backwashable.
The elements can be operated in vertical and horizontal mode and fit into standard RO pressure vessels.

3 different element series are available


Typical applications

  • Water-/ waste water treatment
   Landfill leachate
   Digestate treatment
   Laundry waste water
   Pulp and paper
  • Fodd & beverage
  • Dairy
  • Process water treatment
  • And many more
Industrial applications
  • Water-/ waste water treatment
  • Process water treatment with special requirements like
   Hohe Ölbeständigkeit (oleophob)
   Hohe pH-Stabilität
   Hohe Temperbeständigkeit
   Hohe Chlorbeständigkeit (bis zu 100.000 ppmh @ pH 11)
  • uvm
Titan Off-Shore
Off-Shore applications like

  • Produced Water
  • Prefiltration „Sulfate Removal“
  • Application with special request for
  BTEX stability
  High oil resistance (oleophobic)
  Wide operating pH range
  Wide operating temperature range
  High chlorine stability (up to 100.000 ppmh @ pH 11)
  • uvm


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NEU PolyCera®

NÜF Nano filtration membrane element

The membrane is built of modified polyamide.
The hollow fiber structure can be used for industrial and municipal application.
It removes toxic metals as well as small organic molecules.
In addition, the water is purified from bacteria, colloids and other damaging substances.

  • BUnder 3 bar operating pressure
  • Flow rate can exceed 30 LMH
  • Anti-fouling, easy to clean
  • Outside-in structure
NÜF N80-1812-200   225 GPD
NÜF N80-3040    10 m² membrane surface
NÜF N80-6040 40 m² membrane surface
NÜF N80-6060    55 m² membrane surface

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NÜF Nano filtration membrane element

Ravasol activated carbon for water treatment.

Ravasol activated carbon is used in several applications in water treatment. If its taste or smell removal or just for removing chlorine.
Ravasol activated carbon is offered as granular or powder. The basic substance is mainly mineral coal, coconut shells or wood.
Scope of application for Ravasol activated carbon is amongst others:

     Water treatment
     Process water treatment
     Waste water treatment
     Food and feed industry
     Beverages industry

Ravasol activated carbon is versatile usable and gives innovative possibilities for the treatment of natural resources.  

As direct importer of Activated Carbon with the REACH certificate, INAQUA, part of Ravago Chemicals, offer high quality Activated Carbon with competitive pricing.

More information and Product Data Sheet

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Ravasol activated carbon for water treatment


The Ravasol IRON-X is a reliable adsorbent based on Ferric Hydroxide for the removal of Arsenic (III + V) and heavy metals.  The media does not release any substances into the water.  The special production and drying process of the granular makes it a highly reactive, stable and long lasting media.  The advantage of Ravasol IRON-X over other Medias is the large adsorption surface.  This makes the media more effective than small surface Medias.  Competitors use fine particles to achieve effectiveness, our Ferric Hydroxide media is effective not because of fine particles, but the Nano sized and porous surface structure of the media.

Ravasol IRON-X is ideal for large applications with thousands of gallons used in a day.  Because the media is stable, it does not create clumps.  The media is not soluble in water.

The adsorbed arsenic is transformed according to the following formula:

Fe(OH)3 + H3AsO4 → FeAsO4 + 3H2O

This means that even after the disposal of old media, no arsenic can be released into the environment.  The product is economical and environmentally friendly.  Due to the high stability of the media, the flow rate reduction of the water is very small. 

RRavasol IRON-X is free for the use in drinking water.

Ravasol IRON-X

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ECOTAN BIO 100 – green fingers at INAQUA

The treatment of waste water in sewage treatment plants is a complex process. With our new product ECOTAN BIO 100 we offer a liquid and organic flocculant on a purely natural basis: the extract is obtained from the bark of black wood acacia. ECOTAN is effective at pH-values from 4.5 to 8 and is particularly easy to use. As a cationic organic polymer, ECOTAN has a strong flocculant effect.
INAQUA allows the purification of waste water with a natural product – ECOTAN BIO 100.

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Green fingers at INAQUA