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Water treatment competent and innovative

Since more than 20 years INAQUA stands for expertise, innovation and quality. As a member of the Ravago Group, we are part of an international network in the water business.

INAQUA GmbH has been an official 3M™ partner since 2021.

3M™ Liqui-Cel ™ Membrane Contactors

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Competent consultant and supplier

Precise concepts, accurate product knowledge and extensive market analyzes,help us offer our customers mission-critical advantages. Together with our partners we develop modern, economical and ecological concepts for water treatment plants with a wide range of applications. Our experts work closely with wellknown manufacturers and can offer individual advice as well as best service.


Our products in the overview

Central control valve

With our Clack central control valve you control regeneration and backwashing in softening, iron removal and particulate filtration using a intuitiv display.

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To prevent contamination and damage such as oxidation, fouling and scaling, the chemical membrane care is a key component of the water treatment process we are offering with our partner Avista Technologies.

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Pressure vessels

Pressure vessels fort he use water and waste water systems. Our PHOENIX pressure vessels are available in fiberglass-reinforced plastic or stainless steel - whatever matches your requirements.

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Pressure tanks

Pressure tanks are used in households, laboratories and small-scale applications, as well as large industrial companies.

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Softening units

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Filter cartridges, filter housings and self-cleaning filters

Our filter cartridges and housings by EVERBLUE range from  self-cleaning filters on meltblown and wound candles to folded special candles for the beverage and food industry.

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Filter materials

One of the first steps in the water treatment is the removal of gross impurities. Here we use neutral filter materials such as gravel or sand as well as our special filter materials such as Birm, MTM, activated carbon, hydro-anthracite and Ecomix.

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Ion Exchange Resin

In many different areas we use DOW ion exchange resins for demineralisation and softening. Sugar must be discolored , plasma cleaned to extreme purity, thousands of applications are possible.

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Reverse Osmosis/ Nanofiltration

Whether seawater desalination in the Sinai or drinking water purification on humanitarian missions, our FILMTEC elements for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration from Dow Water & Process Solutions are used in various projects worldwide.

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Most of the contaminants in the wate rare not visible fort he human eye. Therefore our Dow™ ultrafiltration is based on a membrane made of PVDF with a separation limit of 0.03 µm (100 kDa). So even the smallest algae, bacteria or viruses are filtered out.

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