RoCide® DB5

RoCide DB5 is a fast-acting, non-oxidizing biocide based on a 20% solution of the active ingredient DBNPA (dibromo-nitrilopropionamide). RoCide DB5 has an almost immediate antibacterial effect. Thus, this biocide is one of the most cost-effective methods for removing bacteriological contamination.
RoCide®DB5 has excellent environmental properties, as it degrades very quickly and naturally. This property makes it the first choice, especially in systems that are subject to high environmental requirements.

There are two options when using RoCideDB5 in reverse osmosis applications:

1. Intermittent online feed for "shock treatment":
This method makes it possible to use the biocide only when it is necessary to control fouling. The amount and frequency of dosage should be optimally adapted to the bacterial load in the feed water. An initial dosage of 200mg/l for 1 hour per week is a typical starting point for optimization. The valid regulations must be observed for drinking water applications.

2. Cleaning agent for RO membranes:
RoCide DB5 is generally used in the first cleaning stage. Depending on the degree of fouling, RoCide DB5 is used in a solution of 200-200 mg / l. The solution is circulated through the membranes for 1-3 hours. As RoCide®DB5 is a fast-acting biocide, it is best to add it four times in batches of 200mg/l during the circulation period.

RoCide DB5 is available in 5 kg, 25 kg canisters and 227 kg drums
Information on IBC containers or tank truck deliveries is available on request.


Appearance:  clear yellowish liquid
Density:  1.15 bis 1.2 kg/litre
pH:  2,0 to 5,0 (as supplied)


Technical properties::
RoCide DB5 offers a variety of application possibilities:

  • immediate antimicrobial effect against bacteria and organisms
  • inactivates bacteria, fungi and algae
  • compatible with TFC polyamide and cellulose acetate membranes
  • degrades quickly and thus meets strict environmental requirements
  • can be used in combination with other Avista cleaners.


RoCide® DB5