RoQuest® 6000

RoQuest 6000 contains a mixture of organic coagulants and iron (III) ions and is designed as a coagulant and flocculant in clarifiers where flocculants are used. This product enhances filtration performance by reducing turbidity and colour. The water produced has a feed water quality that is more acceptable for downstream reverse osmosis systems.

Dose RoQuest®6000 at least 5m upstream of a multi-media filter. Do not use static mixers upstream of the filters, as the shearing caused by these devices will degrade the polymers contained in this solution.

Usually the dosage is between 5 and 35 ppm. Approximately 0.25 ppm alkalinity (calcium carbonate) is required per ppm RoQuest 6000. After addition of the coagulant, at least 25 ppm of residual alkalinity is required. A strong overdose of RoQuest 6000 may cause a deterioration in the quality of the filtered water. If you have any questions, please contact Avista Technologies for specific dosage instructions.

RoQuest 6000 should be added undiluted if possible. If dilution is necessary, you should never dilute more than 4: 1 with RO permeate or demineralised water.

Packaging / storage:
RoQuest 6000 is available in 23 kg canister, 230 kg drum  and 1100 kg IBC container. The product should be protected from frost during storage.

Physical properties:
Appearance:   clear, brown liquid
Density:         1.4 – 1,6 kg/litre
pH:               2,0 to 3,0

Technical properties

  • contains more than 9.5 % soluble iron (III) ions and less than 0.2 % iron (II) ions
  • certified by United Laboratories according to ANSI/NSF 60 for use in drinking water producing systems
  • produces feed water of RO quality in multi-media and sand filtration applications
  • compatible with thin film and cellulose acetate RO membranes.
  • Thanks to its properties as a filter aid, the penetration of solids is delayed
  • Good efficacy at low dosage
  • compatible with Vitec® 3000, 5000 and 7000 scale inhibitors
  • efficacy over a wide pH range


RoQuest® 6000