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The Ravasol IRON-X is a reliable adsorbent based on Ferric Hydroxide for the removal of Arsenic (III + V) and heavy metals.  The media does not release any substances into the water.  The special production and drying process of the granular makes it a highly reactive, stable and long lasting media.  The advantage of Ravasol IRON-X over other Medias is the large adsorption surface.  This makes the media more effective than small surface Medias.  Competitors use fine particles to achieve effectiveness, our Ferric Hydroxide media is effective not because of fine particles, but the Nano sized and porous surface structure of the media.

Ravasol IRON-X is ideal for large applications with thousands of gallons used in a day.  Because the media is stable, it does not create clumps.  The media is not soluble in water.

The adsorbed arsenic is transformed according to the following formula:

Fe(OH)3 + H3AsO4 → FeAsO4 + 3H2O

This means that even after the disposal of old media, no arsenic can be released into the environment.  The product is economical and environmentally friendly.  Due to the high stability of the media, the flow rate reduction of the water is very small. 

Ravasol IRON-X is free for the use in drinking water..