Die INAQUA und Real Tech – Partner in der Messtechnik

The Canadian company Real Tech is INAQUA's new partner for high quality measuring devices in water and wastewater treatment.Real Tech develops and produces innovative devices and we are pleased to represent these devices on the German market. Real Tech focuses on sensors and measurement technology in online measurement, an area that is particularly dependent on high quality and reliability. The handling of the devices allows the flexible and cost-efficient use to test water qualities and to show the necessities for optimizations. The applications are manifold and are already successfully used in drinking water treatment as well as process water treatment, e.g. in breweries, paper processing or the beverage and food industry. They are therefore relevant both for municipal and industrial Wastewater treatment.

The product range includes sensors and measuring devices for

  • BSB
  • CSB
  • TOC
  • DOC
  • Tenside
  • Färbung
  • Kohlenwasserstoffe (In Wasser)
  • ChromVI
  • Ozon
  • Permanganat
  • TSS
  • Trübung
  • Benzol
  • Nitrit
  • Nitrat
  • UV254
  • Algen
  • Freies Chlor
  • und vieles mehr

As usual, you can reach us at +49 2166 62199-0 or via info@inaqua.de.
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