NEUSelbstreinigende Rueckspuelfilter

Water treatment for the automotive industry

Inaqua offers solutions for economical & sustainable water & wastewater treatment in the automotive industry.

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  • Everblue Strainer in plastics, stainless steel and GRP
  • Everblue fully automated selfcleaning filters in plastics, stainless steel and GRP
  • Everblue cartridge housings in plastics, stainless steel and GRP
  • Everblue filter cartridges in all established sizes, optionally washable and reusable
  • Standard sand filtration


  • Avista Antiscalants (also Phosphate free)
  • Real Tech measurement technology e.g., for pH, conductivity, Redox potential, and COD
  • Parts and Equipment for softening units (e.g., Clack central control valves, tanks und more)
  • Softening units (INATEC GmbH)
  • Organic, fully biodegradable flocculants

Membrane technology

  • Ultrafiltration modules from inge, DuPont and Ochemate
  • Pressure vessels in GRP (customized design possible) and stainless steel from 2,5“ to 10“ up to 120 bar pressure rating
  • DuPont nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes (available in wet and dry for maximum storage time)
  • Ochemate capillary nanofiltration
  • Polycera spiral wound elements with wide spacers for ultra- and nanofiltration
  • Piedmont flexible pipe couplings 0,75” bis 24” in casted iron, stainless steel and plastic
  • 3M Liqui-Cel membrane contactors

Ion Exchange Resin

  • DuPont Ion Exchange Resin e.g. for softening, demineralization or selective use
  • ECOMIX, removal of iron, hardeness, manganese, ammonia and organic substances in one step

Post treatment and cleaning

  • Inatec remineralization filter
  • Avista cleaning chemicals
  • Avista preservatives

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