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IPC Membrane

IPC©-MBR Membranes are made for high performance filtration requirements. They offer innovative open channel design with a fully back washable sheet membrane.

IPC Membrane

The IPC® (Integrated Permeate Channel) membrane is a fully back washable flat sheet MBR membrane made of PVDF. The back wash pressure is up to 2 bar. IPC® modules are used in submerged MBR applications. The integrated permeate channel membrane has a single-piece membrane envelope with two membrane layers which is interposed. The high internal porosity (≥95%) combined with the back washable feature, allows flux rates beyond typical ones in MBR applications. The module design for high filtration performance with low fouling performance is innovative with its open channel design. Modules can be cleaned inside the process tank.
IPC® modules are available with 25 m² and 80 m² membrane area and stackable up to 3 modules. This allows high membrane area on low footprint.

Pore size: 0,08 µm
Membrane material: PVDF
Permeability: > 1500 l/m²*h*bar
Typical Flux   > 30 l/m²*h

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