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Our Promise for Clean Water

Pure and fresh drinking water for a sustainable future with our efficient reverse osmosis system.

Revolutionary technology meets timeless design from Sweden: Bluewater's water treatment ensures sparkling fresh drinking water.

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Our Technology and Solutions

Effective, Efficient, and Sustainable

Our water purifiers are designed for users seeking safer and healthier water without relying on single-use plastic bottles and enduring long transportation distances. It's a simple, readily available solution for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and self-sufficiency. No chemicals, no heavy metals, no bacteria or viruses - confidently turn the tap with our SuperiorOsmosis™ Technology.

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SuperiorOsmosis™ Technology

The SuperiorOsmosis™ technology cleans water faster and more efficiently than other reverse osmosis systems, saving money while providing more usable water with significantly less waste.


Pro-Cleaning System

Our Pro-Cleaning system achieves an impressive rate of up to 70% clean water, enhancing efficiency at home, in offices, hotels, and restaurants.



Transform your tap into a source of pure mineralized water enriched with Swedish minerals, instantly available, eliminating the need for bottled water and plastic pollution. The ideal 2:1 ratio of calcium and magnesium is optimized for the body to absorb essential minerals.


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Bluewater Spirit

This compact and efficient water purifier, powered by our unique SuperiorOsmosis™ Technology, delivers up to 3 liters of delicious water per minute. Ideal for your kitchen, it fits seamlessly under the sink, ensuring contaminant-free and safe water for your family.

Bluewater Pro

Our water purifier delivers up to 5.7 liters of water per minute without requiring a tank, making it ideal for whole-house solutions, restaurants, and offices. Equipped with a three-stage pre-filtration and post-charcoal filter, along with SuperiorOsmosis™ Technology.

Bluewater Cleone

This compact reverse osmosis solution provides up to 190 liters of delicious, healthier water for drinking and cooking at home daily. It can also include a UV lamp for enhanced bacteria protection and a mineral filter to ensure water is not only free of impurities but also enriched with higher calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium content.

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Sustainability for Your Business and Customers

With Bluewater, experience pure sustainability for your water! Our innovative technology not only guarantees delicious but also pure water right on-site. Thanks to our Purify purification, we remove all impurities, from lead and microplastics to viruses. Your own brand becomes a pioneer in environmental protection, free from single-use plastic and transportation emissions. Choose Bluewater and create a water brand that not only impresses with taste but also protects the environment.


About Bluewater & INAQUA

Bluewater aims to become the world's most environmentally friendly beverage manufacturer by developing groundbreaking water purification technologies for home, work, and leisure. Providing on-site generated and distributed drinking water, combined with reusable stainless steel and glass bottles, helps reduce the need for single-use plastic bottles and their unnecessary, environmentally damaging transportation. Bluewater's products are available globally for consumers, hospitality businesses, event organizers, and more. Bluewater has received two Fast Company World Changing Ideas Awards, a K&B Kitchen Innovation of the Year Award, and numerous other accolades for its sustainability efforts.

IANUQA Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, based in Mönchengladbach, is part of the Ravago Group in Belgium, with over 6000 employees worldwide. We specialize in distributing products for water treatment, from containers and filter materials to central control valves, ion exchange resins, and filtration membranes. With a warehouse of over 5000 square meters, we serve customers in industry and commerce, offering a variety of high-quality products from globally renowned manufacturers. We distinguish ourselves with strong customer proximity, providing advice and excellent service. For Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, INAQUA is the exclusive distribution partner of the Bluewater Group.

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