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Put your own water on the menu

Welcome to Bluewater - your revolution for first-class water supply in the catering industry! Discover a pioneering technology that not only offers the opportunity to establish your exclusive water brand, but also provides numerous benefits for catering operators.

Our outstanding Purify purification technology eliminates almost all impurities such as lead, microplastics, chemicals, viruses and bacteria. The result is not only delicious, but also pure water - a decisive contribution to an unrivalled guest experience.

Bluewater Solutions not only means excellent taste, but also supports sustainable catering. Say goodbye to single-use plastic, long transport routes and integrate our system to actively contribute to an environmentally friendly restaurant.

Ideal for restaurants where space is limited and resources need to be carefully managed, our solution reduces the ecological footprint through reusable bottles and actively promotes environmental protection. The purification quality of our systems makes your water so clean that polishing glasses is a thing of the past.

Exclusively for your customers, your water

Discover the exclusive benefits of your own water brand with Bluewater! Your brand means sustainable solutions, cost savings and more relaxed staff. With Swedish minerals and natural extracts, we offer not only delicious but also beneficial enjoyment. Serve your homemade water in reusable bottles for a positive contribution to sustainability.

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