Pipe couplings are indispensable building blocks for efficient and reliable water treatment systems. Choosing the right material and the right coupling is crucial to ensure optimum performance and longevity.

Flexible pipe couplings allow controlled movement in pipework systems and can compensate for expansion, contraction, settlement and vibration.

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The pipe couplings are available in 316SS stainless steel, Duplex, Super Duplex and plastic. Incidentally, Piedmont, founded in 2002, was the first company to launch flexible pipe couplings made of Duplex and Super Duplex for water desalination on the market.
The available pressure ratings range from 17 bar (250 PSI) to 137 bar (2000 PSI), the available diameters vary from 0.75'' to 16''.
All in all, a very convincing, technologically high-quality and reliable product programme from a top supplier!

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