Central control valves

Central control valves provide a compact solution in applications where several pipe connections have to be controlled from a central point. Due to the design, several automatic individual valves can be replaced by the central control valve.

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Clack Central control valves

With our Clack central control valve you control regeneration and backwashing in softening, iron removal and particulate filtration using a intuitiv display. Depending on the type of control, it allows you to control your irrigation or regeneration by volume, differential pressure or time.

The valves are available in 1‘‘, 1.25‘‘, 1.5“, 2‘‘ and 3‘‘ depending on the valve as a downflow or upflow variation. You can reach valve services from 6m³/h to more than 25m³/h. The valves can be
used for pressure tanks with a diameter up to 48‘‘ (1.219 mm).

Operation is simple and clear on the control unit with front display. Depending on the type of control, flushing/regeneration can be volume-controlled, volume-controlled with time priority circuit, time-controlled with time priority circuit or differential pressure-controlled.

Clack Documentation

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Clack Documentation

Fleck Central control valves

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