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ECOMIX® is an advanced multi-purpose softening material for problematic water.
Ecomix® is a turnkey solution for removing hardness, iron, manganese, tannins and ammonia in one filter.

Ecomix2 freist Filtermaterial


Using ECOMIX®  is more  effective than traditional filtration techniques for your iron problems, because ECOMIX®:

  • Removes ferrous, ferric, organic and colloidal iron and manganese at the highest Concentration levels on the market;
  • Removes color of water caused by presence of tannins;
  • Works at low TDS, low hardness, high H2S and pH 5-9;
  • Regeneration simply with salt
  • Works with low salt consumption.

Ecomix® approach has created new perspectives for numerous water treatment companies:

  • Simple and manageable technology for treatment of high iron problem water that only takes a simple water quality test to provide a solution.
  • Works in normal softeners - no extra inventory is needed for water with iron.
  • Easy assembling, installation and maintenance.
  • low distribution and deployment costs.

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