Pressure tanks are used in building services, in commercial as well as industrial applications. Reliability, durability and a wide range of uses and applications characterize these vessels. Pressure tanks made of GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) in combination with an inner tank made of PE (polyethylene) have proven their worth in water treatment.

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Withstanding any pressure

The tanks are mainly used when water is to be filtered, softened or desalinated. The process areas range from deferrisation, multi-layer filtration, partial and complete desalination to special processes in ion exchange technology.

The materials used and the manufacturing process provide virtually unlimited corrosion resistance when aqueous solutions and many types of chemicals are used.

Our tanks are all KTW-approved for use in drinking water applications.
Diameter:  6“ (155 mm) bis 63“ (1.625 mm)
Heights: 13“ (332 mm) bis 86“ (2.453 mm)

4,3 Liter bis 3.306 Liter

In addition to the GRP pressure tanks we supply all necessary accessories such as connections, distribution and nozzle systems.


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